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Our story as a husband & wife boutique wedding photography studio

Photo above (from left to right), Keith, Godzilla (our fur baby), Ansel, Alexis, and Ellis.

Photography is meant to be cherished for generations to come. It is meant to be artistic, romantic, timeless, and organic.
We are committed to making those cherished memories last for you and capture your wedding, elopement, engagement, proposal, or family, in the most beautiful way possible.

About US…

Anchor; to find stability & security

Lace; to interweave

Anchor & Lace Photography was built around these very definitions.

We found one another in 2009, on a dating website, OK Cupid. Well, the arrow hit, and we instantly started falling in love. We already shared a love of photography, and we quickly realized we should join forces and photograph weddings together. Our business grew strong on the East Coast, on Long Island, in New York. We spent an ample amount of time there, nurturing and growing our business. It was an amazing time, being connected to so many amazing couples, wedding professionals, and gorgeous North Fork venues. Back in 2020, we made a well thought out decision to connect with something new, and we moved our family, and our business to the West Coast, in Tacoma, Washington.

Here in Tacoma, we are already infused into the local community. We have been spending a lot of time getting to know the lay of the land, exploring all of the beautiful nooks and crannies that the Pacific Northwest has to offer, and there is a ton of it. We are inspired every single day to push our limits as creatives, both on a professional and personal level. Since moving to Washington, we have grown so much as individuals, as a couple, a family, and a business. The move has been so rewarding in so many ways, and as we continue to grow, we are so excited to meet new couples, explore and photograph at new venues, and be connected with the beauty of the nature that surrounds us.

Our work really feels connected here, more than ever before, and we are excited to get to know you, and hear what you love about being here. It is our goal to get to know you, hear more about what speaks to you about the PNW, and capture that very essence in your photographs, whether it be a wedding, elopement, engagement, or family session. We are ready to fully commit to your desires and ideas, so that the work feels truly connected.

Looking forward to building the relationship and delivering our brand of artistic, romantic, timeless, and organic photographs to you to enjoy for many years to come.


About Alexis & Keith

Wedding Engagement and Proposal Photographers - Washington - Anchor & Lace
Alexis Stein

Keith says “When I first met Alexis I had no idea how much we would bond over photography. It was when I observed her photographing a wedding that I saw just how truly passionate she was about her craft. This made me love her more and made me want to be the best photographer I could possibly be. She is an inspiration to me every single day and I love being by her side at weddings.”

Alexis was born and raised in Connecticut and has always been artistically inclined. When it came time to pursue an education she dedicated herself to her talents and attended one of the most prestigious art schools in the world. Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) is where she honed in on her craft and earned a degree in photography. She is technically trained and focused on travel, lifestyle, and portrait photography in the early part of her career. Upon moving to California she met a wonderful photographer who introduced her to the world of wedding photography. She has been committed to wedding photography ever since. What she learned in California certainly shows in her work today on the east coast in New York. Embracing this different style has helped her stand out amongst the traditional stylings of New York wedding photography. It has earned her respect, loyal friendships among her peers, and accolades and recognition within the wedding photography community.

When Alexis is not behind the camera or working hard on couples photographs you can find her enjoying classic films, indie radio broadcasts, yoga, and music (she really loves Talking Heads, who are also RISD alumni). She also really loves to pack her bags and take in the world and all it has to offer. Her feet have seen the likes of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Costa Rica, and all over the United States. When she travels she always tries to find the time to enjoy food & wine from the local regions (Italy, Long Island NOFO, Napa, and more). Fingers crossed, she will be able to continue to travel and enjoy the local food & wine for many years to come. With camera in hand she will likely document it all. Her family is everything in the world to her and with her wonderful and talented hubby, our energetic and bright son Ansel, her feisty and artistic daughter Ellis, her step-daughter Rhiannon, and handsome dog Godzilla,  she plans on enjoying all life has to offer and eventually growing that family with more family members and more fur babies.

Keith Stein

Alexis says “One thing I noticed about Keith upon meeting him was his magnetic personality. I was attracted to this from the very beginning. It was throughout the years that I noticed how essential of a role it would play in different aspects of our lives together. This trait of Keith’s drives him creatively through conversations, jokes, and artwork of many kinds (especially photography). Just by spending time with him you will find his personality is the very thing that keeps his gears turning.”

Keith is a native Long Island’er that since his youth was always interested in the arts. It was shortly after his fathers passing in the early 1980’s that he really focused on his talents and creativity in every medium he could get his hands on. It was back in 1984 that he really discovered his love for photography when he did a cross-country trip with his mother and grandparents. Although he did not pursue an education in the arts, he is self-taught in a variety of creative mediums including but not limited to photography, drawing, painting, sculpting, woodworking, and videography. Roughly 20 years ago Keith dedicated his creativity to videography and started working with musicians on their live performances and music videos. It was about 15 years ago that he rediscovered his true passion, photography. Throughout the years he has worked with multiple national music acts and celebrities and has had his work featured in numerous publications and media outlets. About 6 years ago when Keith met Alexis they pondered at the idea of merging their collective talents and starting a wedding photography business together. It only took a few weddings for Keith to realize this is where his true passion for photography would really come to life.

One of the most important facts about Keith is that he is not only a husband…he is also a father. His pride and joy are his son and daughters. When he is not doing photography you will likely find him spending quality time with his kids cooking (tacos, always tacos), enjoying horror and sci-fi flicks, playing video games (Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, and Nintendo Switch), board games, or walking the dog together. His relationship with his kids has made him the man he is today. It has opened his mind to the world and all it has to offer. He also loves to travel and plans on seeing the world. He is determined to see all of the National Parks in the United States and all 50 states…up to 49 at the time of writing this. Time to plan a trip to Oklahoma. When at home alone, he likes to kick back with a edge of your seat sci-fi novel, binge watch his favorite crime dramas, flip through his favorite comic books, nap with his son, cuddle his fur babies, and pick on his teenage daughter. If you do play video games, he is known to exchange gamertags with Anchor & Lace couples for some frag fests in Gears of War, Titanfall 2, PUBG, Call of Duty, and The Division. His favorite thing to do outside of being with his family is to be around people, talking, and making friends.

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