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Deanna & Dominick


Block Island, Rhode Island

Engagement Photography in Tacoma, Washington by Anchor & Lace

Block Island Adventure

revisiting something special

Deanna & Dominick met through mutual friends at a party years ago. When they had their first date they knew they had something truly special. Dominick admitted to Deanna that he noticed her in high school but she had no idea who he was. However, many years later they had their first date and meshed as if they had been friends forever. This would be the start of just one of the many adventures they would have together.

We had put the proposal out there that we would be traveling to Block Island for a little personal getaway but loved the idea of having a couple join us for some photos around the island. It seemed like the perfect location for an engagement session just from the photos I (Keith) had seen online and from what Alexis had told me about. When we arrived this was solidified. Block Island is quaint, rustic, romantic, and organic. Our work is the embodiment of all of these things. We would try to bring all of these elements of the amazing location into the backdrop of a gorgeous engagement session. Deanna & Dominick had responded to our proposal and they were the perfect candidates for the session. They had been to Block Island many summers in a row and were really excited to come back for this opportunity. Their willingness to adventure around the island on bicycles along the bluffs and through town allowed us to find some really awesome locations. It is what they brought with them in terms of their chemistry that really brought the locations to life. They are absolutely perfect for one another and their love is so dynamic. You can see it within this session for sure.

This is a beautiful session highlighting a couples love in the best way while also showing off the details of the surrounding environment. Neither element takes away from the other. We would love to go back for another session and explore more of Block Island. Maybe it will be with Deanna & Dominick for one of their anniversaries.


by Keith Stein

The Best Location

is sometimes the one you weren't looking for

When Deanna & Dominick showed up at the dock they both had their bikes with and luckily we had travelled with ours. A friendly ride around the island was already part of our plan. We were on our way to the south lighthouse when we noticed this beautiful and serene little nook on the side of the road. It was also super helpful since it was at the bottom of a large hill and gave us the opportunity to rest up before the big climb. Sometimes the best moments are the ones you were not looking for.

Finding Your Comfort Zone

location can help

It was nice to have this extended time with such a wonderful couple. They were very open to let us know just how comfortable we made them feel. At first they were a bit nervous about having their photos taken since the last time felt like they were in the third grade. They like that the tone and the location took the edge off. They had remarked that we all felt like a bunch of friends sharing in this great moment together and snapping off some pictures.

Since they were both familiar with Block Island it really helped them let their guard down. We also happen to be very warming and welcoming. It sounds like a great formula for a successful session. When looking for a location you should keep in mind a location that speaks to you and who you are as a couple


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