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Jaime & Ralph


Planting Fields Arboretum

Wedding Photography in Seattle, Washington by Anchor & Lace

Just as the clouds parted...

...we had our light.

I feel like this is the perfect way to describe the way our session with Jaime & Ralph went.  We arrived and got to chat a bit, unpacked the cars, loaded up the gear and got started.  We were blessed with overcast conditions for the first part of the session and then the clouds opened up to make way for some gorgeous late afternoon light.  The clouds then gave us back some glorious cover from the sun and we finished up the session.  All the while, we strolled and laughed together as we got to know one another.  Along the way we would stop when we felt it was right and captured some really splendid portraits of the lovely couple.  You can see the delight and humor that was brought to the table with the silly games we like to play with our couples.  If you have had your photo taken by us, you know precisely what we mean.  Some of our favorite games are closed eye kisses, losing your sense of smell, or hip checks.  We really enjoyed our time spent with Jaime & Ralph and got along with them really well.  Their wedding day is definitely going to be a special one, and we can not wait.

by Keith Stein

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