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Kari & Chris


Martha Clara Vineyards | Riverhead, New York

Wedding Photography in Tacoma, Washington by Anchor & Lace

Easy Love

comes naturally

Kari & Chris both have extremely magnetic personalities. We were both drawn to them when we met so it is no wonder that they would fall for one another. Their charisma alone is enough of a draw to want to spend time with them and we see why their time spent together went with ease. According to Kari & Chris they both were heavily focused on their careers but were determined to take a step back so that they could enjoy the love that was blossoming between them. This would prove to be a factor in where they stand today, happily married. A bond that for them can only grow in strength. Now their time together would be more ample. On their wedding day they displayed their love for all to see.

By Keith Stein

Love on Display

the walk down the aisle

It was VERY important for Kari & Chris to have everyone witness their love by allowing everyone to see Kari reveal herself to Chris for the first time when she was coming down the aisle. The people they are today are because of their family & friends and they chose to opt out of a first-look based on this alone. The result was a magical moment and they had a lovely ceremony in a church prior to heading to the venue. We would like to note that they made sure there was lots of time between the ceremony and cocktail hour for creative portraits and formal family photos.


A Stunning Landscape

makes for beautiful portraits

Kari & Chris don’t need much help to look awesome. However, when you put them among the lush green September vines at MCV you get this beautiful painterly look and luminous portraits.

A Blank Slate

all to make your own

When Kari & Chris looked at wedding venues they visited the rustic North Fork of Long Island and browsed some of the many vineyards that offer up their properties for weddings. They looked at a handful before meeting Molly over at Martha Clara Vineyards and they said it was an instant connection with both Molly and the space. They knew they could take the open and airy barn and make it all their own. Using their vision to handpick the decor and bring pieces of them into their wedding day. What made their presentation unique was that they brought in a FULLY packed candy bar which was all displayed in rustic containers. They even had some awesome throwback junky food in their (including candy cigarettes – which we have not seen in years). The best part was the guitar that was used as a sign in board. It was a fully functional guitar that they would then take and hang in their home. This is a really lovely personal detail since Chris is a super talented musician. He even sang a song for Kari that he wrote specially for her at the wedding.


In Loving Memory

A Cherished Moment
loves embrace
The most important witness on this wedding day was without a doubt Kari's dear mother, who just shortly after their wedding passed away. When this news was brought to us that she was in critical condition we rushed all of their wedding photos so that her mother could see them. We think about this often and it is a reminder that you should never take what is around you for granted. Kari & Chris made a choice to have everyone in their family and all of their friends witness the love they shared. Kari's mother was able to lock this into her memory and was there, first hand. She got to embrace her little girl and watch as she was placed into the arms of the man who would love her for all life. This post is dedicated in her memory. This last photo below may be the very memory she went to sleep with.

Catering: A Small Affair
Videography/Cinematography: Buds Palola
Music/Entertainment: Scratch – Jon Blak
Floral Design: Aunt Sandra J
Hair & Make-Up:  The House of Makeup
Attire:  RK Bridal; alterations by Zizi Nasr; Hugo Boss (groom), Bachrach (groomsmen), Allen Edmond Shoes
Transportation: Winston transportation for shuttles and Elegant limousines for limos
Event Rentals: Party Rental Ltd
Favors: Setauket Sweeties for the candy bar and my aunt for homemade organic jam
Accommodations: Indigo and Hilton

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