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Kristen & Mike


Prosser Pines | Yaphank, New York

Engagement Photography in New York by Anchor & Lace

Light Hearted

Sunrise Session in the Pines

Upon meeting and finding out they were both Lithuanian (which apparently is rare) they knew they would form a bond and find something special. They chatted over coffee and made a connection that would last beyond just a first encounter. All the nervousness of meeting someone for the first time went away when Kristen learned just how kind and lighthearted Mike truly was. His presence alone was enough to make her feel great about their meeting.

This brings us to today. While their engagement session is much the opposite in terms of location and time of day, it still embraces the love they feel for one another. They were engaged along the beach at sunset while Kristen was in her pajamas. We photographed their e-session just after she got out of her pajamas at 5:30am in the middle of a dense woods. The location certainly matches aesthetically with their rustic North Fork barn wedding.

Kristen & Mike put their faith in us (as most couples do) and let us run with the idea of doing a sunrise session. This meant waking up super early, getting wet, being a little chilly, and of course walking through the woods in the dark. The risk led to reward and they ended up with a unique session. Their commitment is equally as much a reward as the photos themselves. It shows so much when a couple wants to outstretch the boundaries of the norm. They were ready and willing to take a chance and go on an adventure with us and it MADE the session that much more special. When we gave this idea to them they were as stoked as we were and that meant that photography and telling their story was really important to them. We really enjoy the feeling when a couple gets us. It means we ourselves have formed a great relationship and have something in common.

Take a look at this session and see just how special it is. It is quite the reverse of what we normally do since it looks like we are opening the session with sunset shots. In this case the light was brought to us, not taken away. We were patient and waited for it. Much like Kristen & Mike’s beautiful relationship.


by Keith Stein

Beautiful and Peaceful

among the pines

Prosser Pines is a really romantic and lovely location for a session. Arriving early was important so that we could get the sun at their backs in the sod farm at the east end of the Pines. It was REALLY dark when we arrived and we headed into the woods with a flashlight and our cameras ready for a fun session. We arrived at the sod farm to find it covered in an ethereal layer of fog and the sun peeking over the horizon in the distance. After our feet got a little wet we headed back into the woods for some tree line silhouette photos. All of the photos are equally romantic and special. It would not be possible without the love that they share.

Fun With the Pups

It is no secret that we LOVE animals. We have 4 fur babies of our own. So, when it comes time to do your session you are welcome to bring along your fur family members. Ours are SO important to us and we would imagine it is no different for the couples we photograph. One thing to note is that unless your dogs are super trained it is likely they will not obey our orders. We will do our best to capture them with you both and with one another and if they are obedient we can get them by themselves. If you need a dog friendly location, we can suggest a few for you if it is important for them to be included in the session.

Everyday We're Nuzzling


Will be the first to admit that was SUPER cheesy. However, sometimes we like to be silly at a session since it brings out some really authentic smiles and laughter. Which when it comes down to it makes for some really beautiful and natural photographs. We use the word nuzzle A LOT!! It is just like the moment right before a kiss, or that little squeeze, or cuddling up on the couch. All the moments YOU love. We like to recreate those moments and have them for you to cherish. A good portion of the photos in this session include the ‘nuzzle’ and we LOVE those photos.


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