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Mallory & Nick


Bellport Village Marina

Wedding Photography in Washington by Anchor & Lace

Familiar Territory

...and avoiding awkward and cheesy

When we met Mallory & Nick we met quite possibly one of the best looking couples we had ever seen (I mean just look at them). Mallory is absolutely naturally gorgeous and Nick is as handsome as they come. What was even more amazing was their style. It wasn’t just in their choice of clothes but the way they wore them. They looked amazing and presented themselves in a way that they were ready to go. Yes, just like everyone else we point our camera at, they felt awkward. The only moments we had together were through email, over a phone call/text, or when we met them at our studio. This was clearly going to be a much different experience. How do you know when to let your guard down and go for it and to allow yourself to really get the most of the session. After spending just a few minutes with them they made it known that we felt like old friends hanging out and getting to know each other all over again. We avoided what they thought to be true of MOST engagement session. Little did they know we were not those types of photographers. Our goal is to avoid all things awkward and cheesy by putting that energy on ourselves. The focus will be placed on the couple and the couple alone. We will showcase their love and let it shine, naturally. This brings us to familiar territory. You see the title, this is not about location, as much as you want it to be. Yes, Mallory grew up just blocks from Bellport Village Marina, so it was nice to have this as the location. It is a place she feels rather comfortable. However, even more comforting are the arms that embrace her in this location.

by Keith Stein

Breaking the Ice

Jumping right into it. We usually ask the couple to do something that they might think is out of their character. What usually ensues is laughter. Sometimes it can be a little uncomfortable but it is a great way to just let yourself go.

Down by the Sea

is where you'll find me

Evening light down by the water is some of the most alluring light there is. We did Mallory & Nick’s session at dusk to take advantage of ‘golden hour’. We try to do this as often as possible. When it is timed right you get a really warm light that illuminates a couple. If you hear us say those words just nod and say yes. Trust us, it will be worth your time.

Plan ahead

We always try to find out what a couple will do with their photos. It is always an honor to see them on display in some form. Mallory & Nick say they will frame them when they buy their house together. They also plan on getting a dog. Which from what they have told me is a daily activity. They either talk about or go and visit with dogs they will one day own. We love animals so we hope for their sake that the house happens sooner than later.

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