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Victoria & Joe


Schilter's Family Farm | Olympia, Washington

Olympia Wedding Photography

Romantic Sunflower Sunset Session

As photographers, we are always chasing light, much like a sunflower. Except, we capture love in light, and we are usually putting a couples back to the sun, instead of having them facing off against it and squinting a ton. We just love good backlight, and how it embraces a couple. It helps create this romantic aura of light that wraps around them, and frames them so nicely. For Victoria & Joe’s engagement session, they chose the amazing Schilter’s Family Farm in Lacey, Washington, located just a few miles down the highway from the capital, Olympia. The property is sprawling, and has so much to offer in terms of variety. Every time we turned around there was something else to shoot, and we hadn’t even made our way to the sunflower field yet, which is a huge draw for families and photographers once they are in full bloom. Well, we had other ideas as well, we ended up using the rustic barn structures, the bounce house, and more. The property gave us everything we needed to have really nice variety, in addition to the sunflowers, and we are so happy we focused on other elements of the property. The results are a fun, whimsical, and romantic session for a wonderful couple.

By Keith Stein

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