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Taylor & Andrew

Proposal & Engagement

Pirate's Cove | Islip Grange

Engagement Photography in Spokane, Washington by Anchor & Lace

I'm on a boat...

I love getting phone calls in regards to proposals. It gives me a chance to talk about the care and execution needed to properly capture the raw emotions of this beautiful moment that the couple will soon share. Well, when I got the call from Andrew, I had no idea what I was in store for. Andrew went on describing that I could be accompanying him and Taylor on a boat ride around Port Jefferson Harbor. What he didn’t tell me was that the boat was on the smaller side and that I would be having to act like the first mate of said boat. I started to think of all of the potential hurdles I would be faced with working in these types of conditions and I was like “I can do this”. So, I put on my ‘I am about to go on a charter boat’ attire and made my way to the harbor for the session. I met our boat captain and he was delightful. We waited for a few minutes while we wiped the boat clean, since it had recently rained, and more rain was on the forecast for that evening. I had texted Andrew to let him know we were ready for their arrival. Soon after, Andrew escorted Taylor to the boat and they hopped on board. We left the harbor and made our way over to Pirate’s Cove (within the harbor) and anchored for a bit. Taylor was tricked into believing that this was just a charter to celebrate their anniversary and that I was on board to help with any possible needs related to the charter. Well, it came time for the question to be popped and I had offered to take a phone photo for them. I quickly turned that into a “hold on, I often bring my professional grade camera on board in the case I see rare water fowl or other birds. If you would like, I can take your photo for you guys and email you a copy”. I told them to both turn away to look out into the water and as she turned, Andrew had strategically pulled the ring from his pocket and proceeded to drop to one knee and propose. Taylor was completely shocked and surprised and the whole moment was completely organic and so sweet. Even after I kept on taking pictures of the moment, I was still acting the part and she had no idea I was IN ON IT. Well, I soon broke the news to her and she was so taken back, she gave Andrew the biggest hug, as you can see in the photos, and he was so over the moon he was able to pull this all off. We got some photos around Pirate’s Cove and quickly had to call it quits since a heavy steady rain rolled in. We hadn’t quite met the amount of time we were supposed to shoot for, so I offered some time at a different location at a later date. That later date came only 2 weeks after, as Taylor & Andrew were so excited to share in their love and use props that Andrew had picked out to use during the proposal. I love both of these series since they are in two VERY different location and it shows our commitment to getting the job done for our couples, no matter what. Had so much fun spending this time with them and getting to know them both. Hoping the relationship continues and we get to work with them on their wedding day and we can add to this wonderful and memorable story.

Had the great opportunity to hang with Taylor & Andrew again. This time we were at Islip Grange in Sayville, Long Island, New York. This is a really lovely rustic and historic property with some really great textures, colors, and buildings. They also brought some fun props that were intended for the proposal time. However, weather did not allow them to be used at that time. So, here we are for a second go around and got to use all of them. My favorite part was experimenting with the sparklers.

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